“The Return Of The Telly.” (Television)

“The Return Of The Telly.” (Television)

Guess whose telly broke down? No sooner has Persiflage been launched than it’s all quiet on the TV front with an alarming smell of burning emanating from the corner of the room. Much to-ing and fro-ing ensued when the replacement didn’t work either. Apparently modern devices have difficulty connecting a DVD and a VHS. Who knew?

There is now a shiny square one in its place. It has the most unusual screen I’ve ever seen: it’s got a bizarre, almost circular, tint around the outside that colourises the edges of the picture, blues become purples and pinks; greens and oranges become yellow. Sounds hideous but it’s creating the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen outside an art gallery. Skylines, in particular, are now wonderfully artistic and somehow it’s really relaxing on the eyes. Impressionism on the ‘Box’. Literally.

During Persiflage’s little hiatus, Shakespeare’s Quill has managed to attain a Google PageRank of 2! Persiflage’s itself is 1. Not too bad for only a couple months online and with lots to come.

So what have I been watching? Not a lot of new things really, but I’ll leave the DVDs for another time and concentrate on new transmissions. Apart from the lack of a TV set, there seems to have been a drought in the schedules with few ‘must-see’ programmes around. Doctor Who being the one exception.

I’ve loved this programme since I was little; am especially fond of David Tennant’s Doctor, he has a likable and trustworthy quality that I think the Doctor needs. So I was looking forward to seeing his new sidekick. Freema Agyeman’s beauty struck me during the final storyline of Season 2; she and David looked good together so on the surface she seemed perfect. The only question was whether she’d step into Rose’s shoes. The answer was that she didn’t; she stepped into her own shoes and, for me at least, has created a a companion with greater presence and potential than I can recall seeing before.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Rose. I was impressed with Billie Piper’s acting talents and screen presence and cried buckets during her final scenes with the Doctor, but the character always seemed to me to lack something that marked her out as her own person. We saw her stranded, helping the Doctor by working things out on her own but it never rang true with me. Yes, she had the intuition and empathy that the Doctor seemed, at times, to try to leave behind but she was a girl who was defined by the Doctor and was that enough? Martha is a multi-faceted woman. She has it all: intuition, empathy, beauty, independence, direction and intelligence. I can’t wait to see how she develops. I just hope the production doesn’t bottle out on a character with the potential to be such a powerful role in her own right. On a sidenote, I had to mention it: the Shakespeare episode filled me with joy. You know why.

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